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  • For the next rev. it would be nice if this board allowed a pin other than 8 to be used as CS for the SD card. I like the arrangement on the GPS shield, by default the DLINEs are pins 2 and 3 via solder bridges with thru-holes for hooking RX/TX to alternate pins.
    I’d like to use this board as is with the Color LCD shield but can’t as PIN 8 is LCD RESET on the LCD Shield. I’m planning on cutting the CS trace on this board and soldering a lead to an alternate pin. I believe that all shields that use the SPI should allow an alternate pin with soldering bridges, but that’s just me.
    Also the next rev. should break all of the pins an SD card to thru-holes.
    I wish that someone would come out with a “pin re-mapping” shield. Basically it would be shield have four rows of thru-holes (two rows for input from below with male headers, and two
    rows output to above with female headers). Each of the input and output pins would have soldering jumpers with thru-holes to allow remapping of the pins. It most likely would put a slight offset in the shield stack but would allow any two shields to be used together.

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