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  • 18mA… This is so close to being the perfect “in-breadboard” poor man’s logic probe. If it only drew less current!

    I currently solder 1K resistors into the legs of LEDs, and a source of pre-made ones would be super helpful. These “probe” LEDs can be scattered throughout a breadboard circuit to debug it, or to just visualize its workings to observers. The 2mA draw makes them essentially transparent to most modern logic components. Any chance you can request your supplier to make low current versions?

  • Heads up! These will happily pull 4A from your power supply, not 2A, due to having twice the LEDs of their 32x32 cousins.

    For those keeping score at home, this is a P4 panel, 4mm LED pitch. The other panels SparkFun carries are P6 6mm.

  • Some remarks: Love the form factor and price. So happy to see an amp board that includes a volume pot, and it’s even ready to panel mount! No need to mount the board itself since it can be supported by the pot mounting nut. Minor disappointment: One of the nice features of this chip is that it can drive a mono speaker at speaker power, then automatically switch over to driving stereo headphones at headphone power when you plug them in. This breakout doesn’t make this possible without greenwire and careful soldering.

  • Hear that? It’s the sound of cars being prepped for awesome HUD mods…

  • Are these definitely RGBW? I’m not seeing the distinctive yellow phosphor blob that RGBW LEDs have for the white element. FWIW, the difference between WS2812 and SK6812 is not the 4th channel - the SK6812 is an interface-compatible clone from a different vendor, with improvements. The SK6812s have a higher PWM frequency and are much less sensitive to voltage fluctuations than the WS2812s - no more turning yellow when the voltage droops.

  • Be aware this this is not compatible with the Pi 3 B+ (although the Pi 3 B fits fine). This is due to the new 4-pin PoE header, which interferes with the door that holds the Pi in place. It fits and works fine if you desolder the PoE header from the Pi.

  • Nice price!

  • Does this panel require two ribbon cables? Is it possible to get a picture of the back?

  • Why is this listed in your catalog twice?

  • Seriously! We need to know. And what changed on the haptic board too, for that matter?

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