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  • I love these! I have seriously bought about a dozen of the Adafruit ones. They come in handy everywhere, especially in tight project spaces. Lots of household and travel uses for them too. If you have one of those mega multiport USB chargers (like the popular Anker ones), short cables are great for reducing the clutter around them. Faster charging too - less cable, less volt drop.

  • But, but… where is BLE Mate 1? What have you done with her!?!

  • That only covers the regular (non-Pro) Trinket, unfortunately… The Pro Trinket guide really doesn’t have a good pinout summary. I guess they expect you to know Arduino pin functions by the numbers, so to speak :)

  • It’s worth noting that these don’t look like the picture any more. They’re much nicer now :)

    These the the ‘stubby’ type, as seen in the SparkPunk Sound Kit and RedBoard PTH. Much more handy and compact.

  • Unlike the other strings, these seem to be self current-limiting - they’re happy to be voltage-driven. Run them at 6V and they are vivid without being uncomfortably bright. They barely work at 3V (just a dim red glow) and 4-5V lights them up with a distinct lack of blue. At 6V they start to behave correctly. The 3-3.4V recommendation seems to be incorrect here.

    With that out of the way… These strings are great. They behave like Xmas lights, but infinitely more embeddable. So blinky. I love them!

  • Wait, so SFUptownMaker is Mike Hord and Byron Jacquot? Both names link to that profile…

  • Do you carry/plan to carry spacers and screws to give some mechanical rigidity to the stack?

  • I’m concerned for the peripherals here. I speak from experience as a klutz who has a habit of destroying TSOP38238’s. A cheap part, thankfully… Set your input pin to output with these, and the internal output transistor burns up in seconds. It kept happening because of libraries that surprised me by using pins I wasn’t aware of, and having the wrong sketch loaded on a board. Surely setting A1 to output will kill the phototransistor? Does the MCP9700 tolerate having it’s output pulled high/low by something else?

  • So many sliders… must control them all! WANT! Do you have any plans to carry a narrower knob for the slide pots? COM-09120 is too wide to fit when the pots are this close together.

  • No Sparkfun red? I guess somebody has trade dress protection on that too…

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