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  • There’s always this one! Much nicer.

  • An Arduino Yun could be a good fit for this. You get a Linux system and AVR on one board, and the OpenWrt mjpg-streamer package gives you easy video streaming.

  • If I’m not mistaken, the LilyMini is your first product to use the budget wonder SAMD11. I look forward to seeing more of this chip!

  • I snagged this from Adafruit before (they’ve been selling it a little longer). Can’t recommend it enough - it’s well thought out and the parts fit together well. They even include little spacers so you can still fasten down HATs with the Pi compartment closed. A great, affordable way to make a self-contained Pi so that you don’t have to tie up a TV every time you want to use the GUI.

  • It has crocodile clip pads! So much better than alligator clip pads.

  • This is trickier than it looks, since the LEDs are arranged in a 16x9 matrix - they have to be driven in a matrix scanned configuration. 16x9 is juuuust too big for the common matrix drive chips. To do it manually, you can use 2 74HC595’s for the anodes and a 74HC238 to select the individual cathodes one at a time (+ one extra pin for the 9th one). The cathodes will need NPN or N-MOSFETs on them too, since they will be sinking up to 320mA.

  • Intranet link in the 3rd paragraph :) EDIT: You fixed it

  • Most of the pharmacies near me have them (I guess some hearing aids use AAAA?). Horrendously expensive, though. Had to look for some because my “active” tablet stylus uses them (it’s a Dell). The Surface Pro 4 stylus uses them too.

  • Please please please make a version of this with integrated battery management! This would be the “Teensy Fio” I’ve been looking for. The poor 8MHz ATmega on the Fio just can’t keep up with what I’m trying to do.

    Very happy to see mxgxw’s design. Will have to order one and brush up on my SMT soldering…

  • If the surprise is “The (Shadowy) return of the RedBot”, Shadow’s assembly guide gave the game away :)

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