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  • Seriously! We need to know. And what changed on the haptic board too, for that matter?

  • I guess the PSoC 6 Pioneer has to be ordered from Digi-Key? The description doesn’t make this very clear.

  • 2012 - Raspberry Pi launches!

  • I guess the New Product Posts don’t appear on the front page any more?

  • Yeah, APA102 strips seem to be all over the place when it comes to which order Clock and Data are in. I have one of those DotStar strips, which was G-C-D-5 in its product shots, but mine is G-D-C-5. Just to make things worse, the APA102 port on the Teensy Prop Shield is also G-C-D-5…

  • I notice that the E-Textiles category page has a link to the LilyPad Resource Center, but the LilyPad category page does not.

  • I believe iOS support is impossible, since iOS doesn’t allow connection to arbitrary Bluetooth Classic devices within an app (MFi certification is required). This does not apply to keyboards, audio devices, or Bluetooth Low Energy devices. I don’t think the skimmers are any of the above (I’m guessing they’re Bluetooth Classic Serial). This is also why iOS can’t connect to Bluetooth OBD2 dongles.

  • While the hookup guide mentions that you need to add a 2x20 female header before you can pop this on your Pi, the description does not. Considering every other HAT on the site either includes one or has it pre-installed, this requirement should probably be mentioned to prevent unpleasant unboxing surprises :)

  • These are super handy, letting you add a voltage readout wherever you want. Got a homebrew multi-cell battery? Check the individual cell voltages in real time! Are these the “autoranging” kind that gain precision at <10V? I’ve seen two kinds of these - ones that have the decimal point fixed in an xx.x layout, and ones that ones that move between x.xx and xx.x as needed.

  • You are correct, these are powered by the thing they’re measuring. They draw about 7mA, depending on variant. Three-wire versions exist that are powered separately (and can measure down to 0.1V) - I believe Adafruit carries them.

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