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  • Very cool! Happy to see the J-Link's carried here. Do you have any plans to carry a 0.1" to 0.05" adapter?

  • Two more SparkX products all grown up!

  • There is a cuttable trace for the power LED.

    But, if the schematic is to be believed, we're back to 330Ω resistors on the LEDs. The other current RedBoards have transitioned to 4.7kΩ, much easier on the eyes (and batteries!)

  • One remark on the RedBoard Turbo - I see it also switches to the PTH version of the JST LiPo connector. In my experience, the SMT version of this connector is much more robust. I'm curious as to the reasoning behind this change.

  • A 32-bit ARM Arduino-like board, with built-in battery management and bonus flash storage, for (slightly) under $25? And from a non-shady vendor like SparkFun who supports their stuff? Very, very cool.

  • I thought those were 50 mil pitch?

    (Also, note for non-US folks, a mil is 0.001 inches.)

  • What's that piece of cut tape with the big chunky components on the right?

  • How is this laid out? Does it resemble resemble 4 32x32 panels laid out NW-NE-SW-SE, or is it a 64-pixel-wide 1:32 panel? I'm just curious (and concerned?)

    I see the datasheet lists this as a 1:16 panel, but I also notice that pin 8 on the HUB75 connector is marked as 'E', not 'GND'. This can sometimes indicate a 1:32 scan rate.

  • I can confirm that these draw 14mA at 5V, and 5.7mA at 3.3V. Given that the red ones pull 18mA, I'd hazard a guess that the internal resistor in these is about 150Ω. At 5.7mA, this is safe to use with the SAMD21/Zero/M0 boards, although I would avoid driving one continuously.

  • I see not just a burn mark, but a board with its identifying marks masked off. I shiver with anticipation!

    (I know that companies prototype stuff all the time, and many products are dead ends. Which is why early prototypes are not revealed without masking.)

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