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  • Right now, I’m running into a wall with collecting data on the Uno using this shield. I need GPS latitude/longitude and a few things off of a CAN-bus connection on a car, and I need to write these things to a micro SD card. With the Uno, I can do GPS or CAN, but not both at the same time. I’m investigating the Arduino Mega 2560 as a way to solve this problem. Will the Mega allow me to do my file writing, and what adaptations do I have to make in order to do so?

  • For those of you out there running SK Pang’s version 4 code for this board on an Uno R3, realize that you’re probably going to run into the maximum the board can handle if you decide to throw in some debugging code, like Serial.println() statements to see what’s going on in more detail than the LCD can provide. The functional limit (using libraries available as of 3/19/2013) seems to float somewhere around 20,000KB sketch size. I’m going to try this again with a Mega 2560 to confirm that more memory helps.

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