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  • Service from Saleae is top notch. My Logic failed for some reason. It was in the 2 year warranty. They had me try a couple things. Sent me a new one next day!

  • One more USB logic analyzer. 34 channel LA1034 Logicport for $389.
    BTW you can buy colored XKM microhooks from

  • MSO-19
    Buffer size 1000 points/channel.
    Logic and USBee doesn’t show buffer size but max samples.
    So they take the buffer from the logic device and dump to the PC. That is why they can have 200 million samples or more depending on amount of PC memory.. (I hope I’m right) :)

  • For $10 less you get more with the USBee, IMHO. Plus it looks like they are actively developing the software.
    Look here for comparing all the USBee models. The USBee SX (24 mhz)has Logic Analyzer, Digital Signal Generator, I2C, SPI and Async Decoder for $139.
    The Saleae Logic (24 mhz) has I2C, Serial, Serial, SPI and 1-wire for $149.
    The Link Instruments MSO-19 (60mhz) is a 1 channel oscilloscope, logic analyzer, pattern generator and a TDR for $249
    USBee and Saleae are very similar. The Link is very interesting for $100 more. Any one would make anyone very happy

  • I would like to see a comparison of Saleae and US Bee.
    I don’t like the 50 different flavors of US Bee.
    Oh you want another option? That will be more $ please. LOL
    Does the Saleae monitor voltages as well?

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