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  • Ok first off has any one used this with something other than an ardrino? I'm using a MSP430FR5739, and the baud rate is definitly set for 115200 (tested with another serial device) and used an oscilloscope to test the tx pin of my mico to make sure it actually is sending the data, which it is. So for sure my micro is good BUT the motor driver does absolutly nothing, doesn't send anything back on the Tx line, the stat lights do nothing. the most i get is a red indicator light when i supply power. The only things i can say i notice are the tx pin of my micro starts high, then goes to 0 for a start bit, continues on with all the data, goes high for a stop bit, and stays high after. The board doesn't go 0-5V it goes 0-3.6V which according to TTL logic anything past 2.7V's is a high so that should still work. And that latter is there is no info in the data sheet about MSB or LSB frist. And if any ones says i need to flash the board, then it's simply going back cause i'm not also buying an ardrino to flash a board taht should come ready to go.

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