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  • It is not easy to get a SIM card registered with a consumer-type service such as the Go Phone. 1.) You can't do it yourself when it is a pay-as-you-go plan because they expect that you'll be using a tablet or a phone. It is impossible to bypass the manufacturer/model questions. 2.) The support people do not understand that I'm not trying to register a phone or a tablet! I tell them again and again then they repeat the same question - what is the manufacturer. They want me to reply with Samsung or Motorola.

  • I bought it and am trying it out. It works well with the Cricket SIM card that is in my cell phone (3G Moto G) but I haven't been able to get it to work with an M2M SIM card, a GO SIM Card (AT&T), or an AT&T SIM card that works fine in an iPAD. The Arduino can see the SIM card in all cases but I don't think the SIM card is connecting to the cell network. What am I missing? I've put the GO SIM card into my phone and it seems to work OK. I'll try that one again.

    2015-05-20 Update: Forget it. Go Phone is impossible to configure. After at least 30 minutes with tech support, it was decided that she could not help me. I asked for and received a refund of the $25 I spent for the first month of service. I'll be buying the recommended T-Mobile plan next. To repeat: The MG2639 works well with the Cricket SIM card that I use in my cell phone. I'm just trying to find a data-only plan for it.

  • Where did you find the 60m version? I could use one in a project that I've already started.

  • The example code doesn't work very well. It depends on "magic numbers" to get the quadrature encoder interrupt to fire correctly. I might rewrite it to get the bargraph to increment sequentially and predictably. Did anyone already do this?

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