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  • The DS1307 also gives weekday (Mon, Tues, etc); see the data sheet. I needed that for a sprinkler control system that operates in a district that allows sprinkling only on certain days. Hate to say it but ebay is MUCH cheaper.

  • An excellent piece of work. I’m impressed by your thoroughness. Keep ‘em coming. I can’t believe they let you film all of this!

  • I’m new to 3.3V sensors. You seem to be saying that I can use the output of such sensors as inputs to Redboard, correct? Uno would not work with such sensors?

  • The link didn’t work, but I found a good, simple Instructable at http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Examples-2-Use-an-Arduino-as-a-FTDI-Progr/

  • The FTDI cable does not bring out DTR but does bring out RTS. I read a lot of stuff about this, some claiming that DTR is necessary for reset and other claiming that RTS will also achieve reset. I breadboarded a programmer using RTS and successfully downloaded my sketch into an Uno preloaded with the bootloader.

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