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  • Hi, great product! Hate to be in the ‘me too’ category but I am suffering the same issue and might be able to add specifics that could help track down the prob.

    I am using the explorer to host the coordinator of a sensor network (grandiose term for a single sensor right now but I have big plans :-). Everything works fine then the data just stops getting received (java program on Debian PPC using Openjdk6 and librxtx from the wheezy distro). so some facts:

    1)No error messages board seems powered up OK 2) the exact same setup runs for weeks when i pop an Ciseco XRF sensor in the board so rules out the xbee explorer board unless its a compatibility between xbee and the board? 3)When i unplug the board and back in again, things start working again.

    I will post back here if I find a resolution on e.g. the Digi forums.


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