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  • Landonr: Hi, I just bought this relay, do I need to buy the pcb also to use it with my arduino or can I use it alone?
    you could definitely use this alone... refer to the tutorial posted above. the basic 2 transistor switch could do the job.

  • Can i use this on a 1HP air conditioning?
    here is my aircons specification:
    I'm not good with the calculations regarding the increase current during startup. This is why i am doubting the specification of 30A-240V. it can be seen that my air conditioning is jut 4.18A.
    Can anyone assure me to use this? :D

  • saustin: _
    I also have a C# program that reads the COM port, and logs it all to a disk file (with time stamps) for later statistical processing (or whatever). Let me know if you're interested, and I'll post that.
    Good luck,
    Thanks for the code... it should help anyone (or not!!! heheh) to get started.
    I am interested on you program. Can we have it?

  • juan329: marcelino thank you for answer my question
    Just wanna help... very much welcome.
    Actually I have already created a DIY version, however it so hard for me to calibrate. This is why i am now considering this product. Not to mention its good look and the assembly aesthetics.
    have you already purchased one? perhaps you can give me at rough dimensions of the other parts. i really don't get what 28.5x8" means... :D

  • juan329: I have a doubt regarding Anemometer, can you tell me if it need external power? (the anemometer acts as a switch and the volt present in the pin 2 will be present in the pin 3 when the anemometer will turn around) or just I need amplify the out signal
    Can you explain me how working the anemometer?
    I hope your answer
    thank you

    I guess it is just a reed switch which closes when magnet is near during rotation. it is just a simple close-open switch. So, external power is not required.

  • Can i have the dimensions?
    28.5" x 8" is so vague.
    what is the cup size of the anemometer? what is the total radius? etc..
    This are just a required parameters for my project. if it would fit, then i will purchase right away.
    The good thing about this simple set is that it uses a standard way of measure weather. I am just wondering on its dimensions.:)

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