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Hardware and Software Engineer (+/- Several Hats) - Proven Success in embedded systems and software - Experience in Wearables, Control Systems, and Video Games - Expertise in integrating MEMS with Microprocessor Systems Looking for opportunities to start an electronics business of any type in my home town while always pursuing a deeper understanding of everything from particle physics to macro-economics.

  • LOVE the mbed. Hands down the best embedded prototyping environment. I’ve had to prototype with everything a lot of different hobby tools like Arduino and professional tools like STM32 eval boards for work, and when I get the chance to pick I go to either an FRDM KL25Z or an LPC1768. The 1768 is my favorite though, unless ST decides to enable their floating point core with the embed environment. The 1768 runs fast enough to do floating point math on my quad copter at greater than 100hz, and the timing is very reliable too. I even use this stuff in my long term projects because the LPC and FRDM are so reliable, including interrupts. I swear I’m not a sales rep for arm or anyone associate, I just think that when your ready to grow up, ditch your arduino and go Mbed!

  • What is that song!? I’m loving it!

  • Excellent article. I love LtSpice!

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