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  • I hope it works out well for you. Down here in San Jose, CA there is a well known "curse" affecting company's putting up their own buildings. The buildings turn out fine. The businesses not so much. Executives divert too much attention from running a solid business, to one of making buildings/campuses/etc... & the business suffers. Sure hope that doesn't happen to Sparkfun. Best of luck.

  • Think I found a good 16 things to fix in that silly page. Alas, I'm quite happy here in San Jose, CA.
    You should run a little contest for people. Whoever gets all the items correct gets entered into a lotto to win a $5 gift card or something. :-)
    -- Ian

  • The RFID stuff got me thinking. Are the RFID readers stocked here able to read pet chips?
    I'd love to make an "enhanced" electronic pet door that only opens for my fat cat, and not the other sneaky four-legged food thief's lurking about.
    Since my cat won't tolerate a collar, a petchip based door seems perfect.
    One of the 20cm sensors, servo, some Arduno code & walla... yes? no?
    -- Ian

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