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  • I have two of these and both do this (after calibration, on a flat surface, no external disturbances): I do a measurement in direction X: compass indicates 126 degrees After that I do a measurement 6 meters further in the same direction: compass indicates 119 degrees.

    WHY??? Does anyone know why there's a difference of 7 degrees in a distance of 6 meters?

  • Yes, use the I2C connection. If the displays have the same address, they'll show the same information.

  • I got 2 of these and connected them through I2C to an Arduino. I changed the I2C address of one of the displays (0x70). It all worked just fine but after a while the display with the changed address changed back to the original address (0x71). I can change it back to 0x70, but after a while it sits on 0x71 again, really annoying. Does anyone know why this happens?

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