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  • This product is brilliant.
    I'm 15 years old and have been cursed to the hell of using a Radioshack firestarter for the better part of my life (so far, heh), but I just received this iron in the mail and I would highly recommend it to any other young person who is interested in electronics. It makes soldering fun and productive. It lets you start soldering in under one minute instead of after 15, solder small smd parts with ease, and hack into small control lines on modern electronics solidly. Compared to $10 irons this thing is amazing and well worth the money.

  • I'm a highschool kid, and will be in school at that time, but it is ok :D Moms are very accommodating when their child asks them to advance their education in a big way for (besides shipping) free.
    The whole thing is thoroughly awesome. Big inspiration to a bunch of kids out here in rural Pennsylvania.