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  • I need a "1-bit" bend sensor that opens or closes a switch when it bends smaller than a certain radius. That would really be something not possible with a rigid board and it could feed into many applications. Extra points if I can put these in chain mode like the WS2811 smart LEDs, so I know which sensor(s) got triggered, a tiny microcontroller like PIC10F could probably do it, and make it so you could sew or stick it onto a flexible surface. My application is flexible robotics and wearables, anything with a bendable surface. Video here with surface-mount switches: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw5h9LvKjeM. I want to read lots and LOTS of open/closed bend switches.

  • The golden droid paused for reflection as he planned the heist. With a Sparkfun Translator Unit, his descendants would be fluent in six million forms of communication, instead of just one.

  • Keep us posted! I could use this breakout board too.

  • What's-a matter-you? Hey!

  • Never end a sentence with a preposition. It's "shut-up-a-your-face."

  • How great it would be to have a github tuned for hardware --with circuit layout images and version control and instant pricing to order boards, sets of components, printed enclosures, etc from an array of vendors in a range of countries. From the builder's side, this thing should communicate in a psychic manner with layout software so we are not forever zipping gerbers and maintaining uploads to yet another site.
    BatchPCB is aligned in this general direction, and it's great to see the comments here showing other people recognize this need. What will it take to do in hardware what the software people have done for years: rapidly download, tweak, and compile one instance of a project from a creator who may have only five customers?

  • In March, the RN-42 module came out. It works exactly like the RN-41, I dropped it into the same PCB and it's fine. But it has shorter range (10m), lower power consumption and costs a bit less thanks to the integrated antenna instead of ceramic antenna. So if you like the RN-41 (it's great!) but don't need the 100m range, the new part could be a good one.

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