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  • Product DEV-09716 | about 9 months ago

    What are the levels on pins other than 3v3 on the 5V version of this board? Are they all 3v3 level or are some of them 5V? I know in another breakout a logic pins were 3v3 except for DTR to compensate for the Arduino for example.

    I use this as a 5V power supply sometimes so would like to see if I could also use it in a 3v3 environment using on the GND, TXO, and RXI pins.

    Thanks! Karl

  • Product BOB-11736 | last year

    Thanks! One more question. Based on the description, are all pins other than VCC and 5V operating at 3.3v levels? If so, if I only use the 3.3v pin for power and never go near VCC/5V is there any reason for me to cut the trace to use this as a 3.3v board?

  • Product BOB-11736 | last year

    The product description indicates that it ships 3.3v by default. Is that correct?

    Also are dtr and vcc only broken out on the front? Looking at this for use on a breadboard and it looks like you’d have to pick the front or sides for headers.

    Thanks, Karl

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