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  • I do use OSH Park and I love them and you are right they are cheap. I will get one pushed up to github and let you know. Thanks for the help. May be you guys a SparkFun can use it to build and sell it..

  • I got two of these in hopes of building a light switch, but because it only turns on when it is being touched that does not work out. I see your note about adding a flip-flop to the output, which I am sure will work fine. However, if you use a AT42QT1012 you can do just that. Now with that said I started playing with the Eagle file to redesign it for the AT42QT1012, but I am really not that good at using Eagle. After messing around with it for a while I don't feel good about sending it to a board house. Would you or some here take a look at my Eagle file. By the way the board work completely fine as designed. Thanks