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  • After reading the reviews, I was a little skeptical of the quality I would get, however I haven’t found anything that offers the exact same product as this. So I ordered 2, incase one didn’t work. Well after spending hours trying to figure out why one wasn’t working, I looked at the second one to find that it wouldn’t work either. The switch (rotary encoder), in the resting position, would never make contact with the common pin (labeled C I believe in the datasheet). While rotating, the outputs (A and B) would close to the common ( C ) as they should (pre the datasheet), but NEVER would rest where they were supposed to. After taking them both apart, it seems that the divots that are supposed to hold the shaft in position are misaligned. So when you let go and the shaft “clicks” to a spot, it is always open (doesn’t make contact). I seriously doubt this is how it is supposed to operate! To fix it (so to speak) I flipped the copper sheet around that makes the shaft stay (and click) to each divot. Now it spins smoothly AND works like it’s supposed to! I can’t believe how cheap this was made! So keep in mind that this is junk and you’ll have to fix it yourself.

    P.S. I would have returned it on the spot, but I already built my enclosure to the dimensions for this switch and like I said, nothing I have found fits as a replacement.

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