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  • I bought COM-09278, which seems to be the same missile switch cover, only red, and the momentary on-off-on switch pictured above (COM-10545). The concept is that the momentary-on with the guard down will activate a "SAFE" indicator (steady green LED) and then when the guard is lifted, an "ARMED" indicator is activated (flashing red LED). As a preliminary fit check, they fit dimensionally just fine from what I can tell. The ONLY problem, it seems the missile switch cover spring doesn't have enough cajones to close the switch in the guarded position, IF you close it slowly. If you flick the guard to the closed position rather than lowering it slowly (Hey, when you have missiles at the ready, who's going to be gentle with this thing?!) then the inertia of the spring-forced cover has enough to close the switch. The cover will still be effective, IMHO, and for what I'm using it for, if it doesn't activate my "SAFE" indicator, I'll just push it the rest of the way closed, and it does hold. The position which does matter for my use is with the guard lifted, so it does it's job for me.

    HOWEVER - IF you ARE relying on the guard to close the switch, it MAY not do the job sometimes. If you have to force it to close the switch, it will probably stay closed, but my over-engineering mind would not rely on it. I'd just recommend to SparkFun to get stiffer springs in their missile switch covers. Don't know what the cost would be, but I'd certainly be willing to spend the extra couple pennies for it :)

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