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  • News - April Caption Contest | about 2 weeks ago

    With the success of the MicroView we are happy to announce our next kickstarter: MicroSpark where we take an entire SparkFun engineer and compress their functionality into an adorable small form factor.

  • Product KIT-10684 | about 2 months ago

    Can this be used as a very complex switch for low voltage / low current? Specifically I am trying to use it in place of a toggle switch that is only 12V and used for logic so very low load. I looked at using an NPN transistor but I think that I might have a floating ground issue so would like to be able to separate the two sides. Any suggestions on other ways to make a simple digitally controlled switch? Thanks.

  • Product DEV-11469 | about 8 months ago

    Well drat… no support holes so this won’t work with the enclosure box ( Well a drill and some luck should work. Is there a Leonardo prototyping shield with matching holes?

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