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  • Just as a warning to others who might make the same mistake I did: for whatever reason, the Arduino designers decided to use a different spacing between the different groups of .1" headers other than .1". This means you can’t take a shield and plug it into a breadboard in order to use it with a non-Arduino micro-controller. Very unfortunate design choice (deliberate or otherwise).

  • This company in Germany makes a wide selection of single- and double- rows:


    The height of the header is 7mm as opposed to the 8.5mm you get from these 1x8 and 1x6s offered here, and I’m having a bit of trouble finding an American distributor that has their products on the shelf. You probably have to visit the distributor’s website and request a quote.

  • Sadly, they don’t. At 3.3V you can get some wild voltage swings even when the distance to target is fixed.

  • Part #609-1846-1-ND from Digi-Key will fit the backlight connection.

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