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  • Product DEV-11008 | last year

    It might be worth mentionning that these should not be connected directly to the board output pins. The motor draws 85mA when starting while Arduino pins are 40mA max.

    What is needed is to connect the 5V of the Arduino to the vibe board, and control the motor actuation through an output pin via a transistor. A resistor is also needed between the pin and the transistor to limit current flowing through the pin when active.

  • Product DEV-11008 | last year

    It’s to limit the current flowing through the motor. The motor is rated 75mA and 3V. (so when sourcing with the +5V, we need a resistor of at least 2/0.075 = 26.6Ω).

  • Product SEN-11418 | about a year ago

    What is the image sensor ? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere…

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