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  • Hi together,

    I was very satisfied running l6470 with low-cost and low-torque Motor. But now I bought an SECM264-E2.0 Stepper that is Microstepp optimized and have a nice Torque.

    So I would like to use it in Bipolar Parallel Mode and the Data for that would be: Current/Phase: 2.8 A (would like to use it at 1,8 A) Resistance/Phase: 0.7 Ohm Inductance/Phase: 1.4 mH

    But I don’t want to push the Motor and Driver Chip to the Edge so I would set it to 1,8 Amper! BEMF Compensation gives me those Values:

    //parallel with 1.8 Amper

    dSPIN_SetParam(dSPIN_KVAL_HOLD, 0x07);

    dSPIN_SetParam(dSPIN_KVAL_RUN, 0x26);

    dSPIN_SetParam(dSPIN_KVAL_ACC, 0x26);

    dSPIN_SetParam(dSPIN_KVAL_DEC, 0x26);

    Now it comes the tricky Part. I have to run this Stepper at Speed around 2 Steps/Second !!!

    At this speed and this low Voltage (1,8 V) Motor makes very very strange and absolute not satisfied movement. I know that there is an option called SetLSPDOpt in Script, but setting this at true does make no difference.

    It seems that this drive is not suitable running strong stepper at low speed?

    I tried connecting it in serial so that at least Voltage would be bigger, but here my Motor would become hot after 5 Minutes running low Speed.

    Did someone noticed those problems or am I the only one?

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