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  • Do we have any updates on compatible thumbstick caps and where to purchase?


  • Just got both the EasyPoint Joystick and the I2C Level Shifter today. I am trying to run the example code and connect the hardware in the right order. I want to connect only one joystick to the I2C level shifter to the Arduino.

    Problem is I am getting unreadable data on the Serial Monitor. Is this a connection issue or should I modify the example code side on this page?

    Hardware Connection:

    Arduino UNO           I2C Level Shifter              EasyPoint Joystick
    VCC (+)   ------------>   VREF2  VREF1 ------------> 3.3V 
    A5 (SCL)  ------------>  SCL2   SCL1      ------------> SCL
    A4 (SDA) ------------>   SDA2  SDA1     ------------> SDA
    GND (-)    ------------>   GND  
          | -------------------------------------------------------->  GND  
                             EN (NOT CONNECTED)       ADDR (NOT CONNECTED)  
                                                                       SWITCHN (NOT CONNECTED)  
                                                                       INTN (NOT CONNECTED)  
                                                                       RESETN (NOT CONNECTED)  


  • Can you connect more than one of these to an Arduino UNO R3 through via I²C? If yes what is the maximum number of devices you can connect?


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