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  • So, what if I required a laser that had a output up to 100-200 mW. I want to use it to send the light to a light to frequency converter, then that will tie into a microcontroller and cause my project to stop, turn, or whatever I decide to have it do. Where could I find such a laser? Thank you.

  • How exactly does the Vcc pin tie into the project? Do I even have to connect anything to it?

  • If I were to hook this up to the wonderbeeps board backwards,would it damage the board or the microphone?

  • So if I want to use this to measure temperature, but cannot seem to build it in a lab, how would I go about that. Today I set up a scope and power supply and the like to power this on, and nothing worked. I was unable to see anything on the output, trying multiple ways to do this, and got nothing. Some research shows I should add resistors. I am using this to measure hot and cold at a distance, not very far, and tying in with distance sensors to create a object avoidance style robot. Thank you for your help!!!

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