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  • Excellent. Thanks. I can de-solder the pins and drill a couple holes in the side of the case to attach the cord. (with VIN and GND inside)

  • Model plane builders use nichrome wire heated with electricity.

  • While the OLED Breakout is the same size as the MicroView, the Pro Mini is a lot wider and on a separate board from the screen driver, so I don't see how it could possibly be smaller. And there is no case. The Teensy is even longer than the Pro Mini. Maybe I can open up the MicroView and de-solder the headers. Maybe I can just get somebody to 3D print a case for the TinyScreen+ and have a device that's the same size as the MicroView, but with a SAMD21, 96x64 RGB OLED, four push-buttons on-board and a micro USB port for programming and charging the LiPo.

  • This is an amazing idea. I would love to make a necklace with this. If only it were available with female headers (low profile would be best) so it would sit closer to the skin and not pose an impaling risk. Have you ever considered a version with female headers, or no headers for easy customization?

  • Would you happen to have an 8x8 LED grid with the same pitch as this sensor?

  • So can it be programmed to be a generic Bluetooth HID with the Nordic or MBED SDKs or is that not part of the BLE feature set?

  • BQ25570

    According to the data sheet it's only got about a 200mA charge rate and an input voltage range of 0.1 to 5.1V so it wouldn't be usable for 6V solar panels. It does seem like it would be amazing for smaller panels (down to a single cell), peltier (thermionic) devices, or even speakers. i.e. Energy harvesting applications.

    On the other hand, if the shut-down pin were broken out (on the LT3652) then you could shut down the charger and measure the OCV yourself and use a digital pot to trim the tracking voltage. But it isn't.

  • Are there any plans to make a version of this with a built in Battery Babysitter chip? (BQ27441-G1A from PRT-13777) Or perhaps a version or the Battery Babysitter that can handle the OC voltage of a solar panel? Or a breakout for the BQ27441-G1A (or similar) without the charger, that can be used in conjunction with the Sunny Buddy?

    I want to build a remote environmental sensor and I want to be able to monitor the battery health to 1) predict when the battery would need to be replaced 2) reduce reporting frequency (sensor power-up and/or uplink) if there's not much sun for a while 3) whether to increase the size of the panel.

    How much current can the load traces handle in case I need to power a boost converter?

    Do you have a part # for a 2A inductor that will fit on this board to fully utilize the 2A capability of the LT3652?

  • Has anybody used one of these to generate a Wake-on-LAN magic packet? I want to make an external power button for my laptop and an Arduino with an ethernet shield seems like it would be a bit bulky.

  • Actually sock are hermaphrodite. By default they act female but when you prepare a pair for storage, one turns into a male.

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