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  • This is a great soldering station. The digital input is easy to use and the temperature setting stays where you left it when you turn it back on. The all-metal stand is of quality and easy on the eyes. I'd buy this again, but I don't think mine will quit any time soon.

    The product photo has placed the wire sponge in the back where the hot end of your iron would go. This is incorrect. Though the placement is entirely up to the user, the wire sponge is supposed to sit in the crevice between the iron holder and the wet sponge, per the Hakko directions.

  • I thoroughly enjoy these for clipping solder tails, filament ends, and small zip ties. I keep a handy pair next to my 3D printer. The SparkFun logo on there is a really nice touch, too. These really are not for cutting leads or larger zip ties. Use flush cutters for those.

  • I love this solder. It leaves joints looking shiny and clean. There is little issues with it heating up at 650ยบ F. Just make sure the part is hot enough. I learned how to solder using this and it was a delight. I'll be coming back for more.

  • I use C4D for my CAD work as well. I will usually just export the models as OBJ or STL files. I for one would certainly like straight C4D files, if possible.

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