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Full time student who'd really rather just build robots and stuff.

  • Huge shame you've stopped selling these. I've got a set on my favorite off-roader and it is unstoppable.

  • If the servo is jittering (That is, it shakes a bunch and moves all over the place and doesn't do what it is coded to do) an easy solution is to add a capacitor. I had a servo controller attached to my arduino and it jittered because I was trying to drive too many without a separate power source. The capacitor fixes the issue.

    here's one you can try

  • All we need now is a bit of lightning and a hunchback sidekick.

  • Mini Vandergraf generator (clocked to 50 spins around to generate a decent shock) attached to a capacitor that instantaneously discharges it on the first unsuspecting victim that walks into a room. The door handle to the room would be the trigger. Make 3 and place behind random doors in the SF office so that people are scared of opening any doors at all.

    For extra fun, include a water gun that shoots before shocking for a more evenly distributed prank.

  • Hiya all. OK, so I've got some questions about the Fio (might be pretty stupid actually) 1. Is it programmed in the regular Arduino IDE? 2. What is the biggest servo it can power on a 3.7v Li-Poly?

  • Aww. I've been Arduino-ing for a long time and this was my very first kit. Thank you Sparkfun.

  • I'm building a robot, and unfortunately, the Ardumoto pulls too much current from the Arduino and I can't drive two medium sized servos, even with a capacitor attached. The VIN line is also pretty funky, it doesn't do anything even if I've attached a 9v battery to it, even though it should be able to handle twice that voltage. Combined, I'm having trouble building anything that works with this board. Suggestions?

  • Hmmm..... I'm pumped for the IR Remote, but it seems that the Receiver Breakout been discontinued. Any ways around this? I think we all wanted to integrate IR into our projects somehow.

  • Sparkfun, could you create a modular breakout holder? Something that could combine multiple breakout boards to make a "super" sensor shield for Arduino or other platforms?

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