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  • The link for the software now goes to a library that sets up a frequency of 434 MHz, so the antenna length should be about 17 cm, unless you figure out how to edit the software to change the frequency (I haven't got that far yet.) 434 MHz is part of the 70 cm ham radio band, so it's legal if you happen to have a ham radio licence, which I do, otherwise not really, at least in North America. If anyone knows how to change the frequency, perhaps they could add a comment, otherwise I will once I figure it out.

  • I just bought one and the problem with the TMP36 is still there. I found an easy fix though. First, just omit the 10k resistor right next to the sensor. Install the TMP36 the same way as specified (flat side towards the non-existent resistor.) But, with pin 1 (the leftmost pin viewed from the bottom with the flat side up), just run the pin through the board and then to the "hot" side of the (nonexistent) resistor. That's the left side as viewed from the bottom with the temp sensor up. Solder it. This will ensure that pin 1 is connected to +5V, pin 2 is connected to A4, and pin 3 to ground, which is as it should be for the new chip. It passes the test in the example sketch.

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