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  • Product DEV-11953 | about 9 months ago

    So… Is this like an FPGA Arduino?

  • News - Intro to Arduino with the… | last year

    On that note Greggor, may I suggest the following: Streaming the class live, with an optional chat room? It may not be ideal for some as there is no hands on experience, but with the added option of buying the class kit beforehand (Or maybe it’s included in class registration? Idk SF’s model on that one), and watching it live, that may provide some value add.

  • News - Engineering Roundtable - … | about a year ago

    w/ the weather here in MI lately more like “I hope nobody hacks into my blanket @3:00am and gives me the flu”.

  • News - Engineering Roundtable - … | about a year ago

    PFSense is awesome, I run m0n0wall on a soekris box myself, but even the el cheapo linksys wifi routers support dyndns (or they used to anyway) so I’d have to say that’s trivial to setup.

  • Product PRT-11358 | about a year ago

    Has anyone tried hacking this charger and adding a higher power lion batt? like this one perhaps

  • Product LCD-11612 | about a year ago

    Sure would.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    Oh I agree they are likely the bottleneck, but the way you worded it I thought you meant they actually manufacture the Pi as a whole.

    Lol @ useless software, but coming from an I.T. background PC is defined opposite a Mac…. sorry :« )

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    Not true, possibly a linux desktop but definitely not a PC as in a WINDOWS PC. You might get the basics but if you really want to do some ‘damage’ then Windows makes you jump through too many hoops to get to the low level. The RPi is good b/c you can learn what you call ‘PC’ programming, as well as embedded programming by interfacing w/ the gpios, connect your own hardware and create drivers for it all in one serving, not possible w/ a ‘PC’.

    & It is not ‘manufactured’ by Broadcom, no more than Sean Connery created James Bond, he merely plays a role in the big picture.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    Chris is right, I got the same email, however I logged in immediately after receiving it and there were 902, and sold at an average of two per minute the first hour. Personally I’m still holding out for the Hackberry, but +1 to SF for stocking 900 units!

  • News - November Caption Contest | about a year ago

    +1 b/c this movie is awesome!

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