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  • Can anyone weigh in on how much one of these panels weighs?

  • +1, I used to like 425C, but I’ve since dropped down to 350-375C.

  • That’s only if they’re in series. If the LEDs are wired in parallel, like Christmas lights, then they share voltage, and the current is divided amonst them. Then, how long the battery lasts depends on how many LEDs are wired in parallel, so if you have 100 LEDs in parallel that draw 5mA each connected to a 1000mAH coin cell, you can run all the LEDs for 1000mAH/(5mA*100LEDs) = 2 hours, or mix and match.

  • So… Is this like an FPGA Arduino?

  • On that note Greggor, may I suggest the following: Streaming the class live, with an optional chat room? It may not be ideal for some as there is no hands on experience, but with the added option of buying the class kit beforehand (Or maybe it’s included in class registration? Idk SF’s model on that one), and watching it live, that may provide some value add.

  • w/ the weather here in MI lately more like “I hope nobody hacks into my blanket @3:00am and gives me the flu”.

  • PFSense is awesome, I run m0n0wall on a soekris box myself, but even the el cheapo linksys wifi routers support dyndns (or they used to anyway) so I’d have to say that’s trivial to setup.

  • Has anyone tried hacking this charger and adding a higher power lion batt? like this one perhaps

  • Sure would.

  • Oh I agree they are likely the bottleneck, but the way you worded it I thought you meant they actually manufacture the Pi as a whole.

    Lol @ useless software, but coming from an I.T. background PC is defined opposite a Mac…. sorry :« )