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  • I don't fault people for mistakes. Even expensive ones. What matters is how you respond and you guys always do a great job. Always impressed. Once it's all settled I'll have to make sure to pick up a microview to help offset some of what you're losing fixing the problem. Keep up the solid work.

    I bet there's gonna be a hot market for crippled microviews. I think fixing it up would be a good little project.

  • I see a few of these have been blown. Looking at the data sheet the equation for max current is I_max = V_ref / (8*R_s).

    The board schematic and features list say the current adjust pot will give you 0 to 2.4 Amps.

    However, if using the board at 5V logic level I get the max current to be 4.5 amps since you can put a max of 4V on the V_ref pin (unless the adjustment pot is limited) and the R_s resistors are 0.11 ohms. Now I'm sure it can't actually do 4.5 amps, but it's definitely allowing it to run completely maxed if not over-run.

    On the website the old version 1.1 has R_s values of .22 ohms and you can put up to 4.2V on V_ref. This setup works out to exactly 2.4 amps.

    What am I missing? Why the change?

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