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  • Hi, I wanted to know how do I find out the SEN of my Razor IMU? It isn't written on the board, only the production date is written on the board "5/31/11" (I think or bet it is). I got it from a friend and he doesn't know anymore. I found out that this board has a HMC5883L magnetometer (on the chip L883 2122), so as far as I know it could be "SEN-10736" or "SEN-10724".

  • I answered my question, yes it is compatible

  • Hi, I want to ask if this shield is compatible with the Arduino Motor Shield R3 ( I already read the specifications, I believe it is compatible, but I want to be sure.

    To my project (just to understand what i want to do): I want to control a robot like this way: PS3 Controller-(Bluetooth)->Processing-(XBee)->Arduino Uno. The robot itself is a simply tracked vehicle, I used the same Tamaya parts like in this blog "". The range sensors I use or want to use is a Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F IR Range Sensor and/or Parallax PING Ultrasonic Sensor. I want to use them for mapping and detecting, but I am not sure which one is the better choice, I just bought the Sharp IR Sensor, so I have no comparison. I already have Encoders for the wheels ( but these are, due to wheelspin etc., not accurate enough. I tried to use a mouse encoder from an old device for the odometry, but the libraries I found are sadly outdated or does not working (the data I receive are not logical) so I decided to try the "Parallax Mouse Sensor Kit" (

    I already finished the communication between the PS3 Controller and the Processing Sketch. Now I want to setup the communication between Processing and Arduino, but first I need the required parts, like a Xbee Shield, the Xbees itself (I thought about the "XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1", because I read that it is easier to build up a communication with the Series 1 than the Series 2) and of course the "XBee Explorer USB connector".

    The final goal for my project is to create an autonomous mobile robot which is able to do 2D mapping and path planning (this is basically SLAM). But it should also be able to control the robot with the PS3 Controller. The final robot should also have a video camera on board, but this will be realized totally independant, because it is not possible to transmit video data over the arduino (I thougth about this one: Right now I am far away from this, mainly due to lack of mony, and I know that this is hard to realize (I study Mechatronics/Robotics) and I know that SLAM is still a research Issue.

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