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  • I also tried external power sources with no luck. I noticed wrong signal level using the scope. The Edison Tx is only 2.48 v. I suppose that explain the garbages that we receive. Could the problem be related to pull up resistors on target? I read this regarding the TXB0104 on SF Volatge-Level-Translator-Breakout. "....resistors on the target device. The value of the pull-up resistors was too low, which caused the IC to be confused about the direction of the signals."... hope it helps. Thanks SparkFun.

  • Like Myles I have the same problem using the FTDI 5V cable. I suppose the FTDI cable do power the EDISON ok since I'm able to connect to it over WIFI. (I previously installed Ubilinux on the EDISON using Arduino Edison breakout board).To bad the UART block don't work... was hoping to read serial data from external device. please help...

  • Thank you Robert. The SF new products is on my list every friday around noon. Great show! please don't tell my employer...

  • Just ordered one... hope you are right TeslaFan! ;)

  • Just got shipping confirmations. Love you SparkFun!

  • hey!.... the last answer is 38 minutes and 20 seconds.... Awsome video! I love you SparkFun. Thank you Robert to be on time every friday. You make me dream, thanks a bunch!

  • I should do one but I don't know how to.... A pdf file would do the tricks? to whom I should send it?

  • Working with Example code. Using AtMega328p to communicate. Thank you SparkFun!

  • Found many infos here: http://derekmolloy.ie/gpios-on-the-beaglebone-black-using-device-tree-overlays/ http://papermint-designs.com/community/node/338

  • I was frustated with this product with BBB Debian image..... but with BBB Angstrom was a breeze to make the BBB recognize the cap and use the device tree mecanism. What is wrong with BBB Debian image not working with this product?

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