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  • Hello, I´m having some weird problems with this sensor in hardware mode. If I test it in a protoboard, connecting pins 1,8,3, 4 to the ground, pins 2, 6, 7 to Vcc(3v) and pin5 to a voltimeter. It works very fine. But I designed a printed circuit board with the same layout using a “Kit - EZ430-RF2480” 8 (a MSP430F2274 kit from TexasInstruments) as “brain”. But whenever I connect it the pin P2.3 of the uC, the pin 5 starts just sending “0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1…” , the rest of the pins are high or low as described (with the same Vcc and ground as the uC). I have activated the ADC module in this pin, so it recognize when when pin is high or low (I know it not the best way… but it should work). Working as ADC, it wouldnt matter if by accident I put HIGH or LOW this pin, so I just dont know what is happening :/ ¿Someone could give me some light? Many thanks in advance.

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