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  • Just got mine today. This little dude is awesome!

  • Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up. This explorer cannot be used with the Xbee Pro 900 XSC S3B without modification. It took me a lot of research to figure out why. To use this with the S3B you have to desolder the resistor that goes to the RSSI led. Most Xbee modules use pin 6 as a signal strength indicator but on the S3B it is not. When pin 6 of this Xbee is pulled low on start up it enters a special mode that continuously counts up in hex. If you go to the terminal in X-CTU is will just be counting away. The resistor and led effectively pull down pin 6 enough to make it start in this mode every time. De-solder that resistor or led and it will work perfectly.

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