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  • Hello all,

    I am a 3rd year electronics engineering student, long story short I had it working perfectly (1.0 version) but the built in audio jack crapped out and I needed to replace it, unfortunately they now only stock the 2.0 version of the shield which is supposed to be programmed and used identically, with some other completely unrelated, irrelevant features you can choose to use.

    The EasyVR Commander WILL NOT upload the new sound table to the shield no matter what I try. Once again it says it is programmed identically and works with all the same versions of software. Then if I throw on the old broken board to test, it uploads perfectly, just with no audio…. So it appears to me, that this new 2.0 has a faulty boot loader for the custom sound tables.

    I have experience in C, C++, Python, AVR and Arduino, and I honestly am stumped. I do not have the time or the money to get yet another board, and this to the best of my knowledge is broken out of the box. Done the usual crap, reinstalled all associated programs, rebooted several times, different arduinos, different cables, different ports in the computer, nothing at all changes anything….

    Please help? :)

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