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  • If you don’t believe me, look it up! It currently costs between $0.01 and $0.20 per GB of high-speed bandwidth, depending on who you listen to, and what costs are rolled in (including the infrastructure). It’s even worse when you start talking about wireless internet or communications. For example, the cost of bandwidth in text messages is 4x the cost of bringing down data from the Hubble telescope. Sure, it costs money to build towers and stick up the infrastructure, but when you have 100,000 people in that area each paying you $100 a month, $1M per tower factors out to almost zero cost. Again, if you don’t believe me, look it up!

  • This is a classic straw-man argument for the cable companies. Bandwidth costs near zero, and metering it creates a false shortage entirely for the purposes of making more money. Folks in the US pay often more than double for high speed internet, which is in many cases half as slow!

  • When he sweeps the other orders off the desk, it made me laugh out loud.

  • It’s really timely that you’re discussing this, for the next iteration of the Open Source Science Tricorder project I’ve actually drafted a CC-BY-SA derived license that’s been modified both with much of the same IP language found in TAPR/CERN, and with the requirement that for for-profit use, 10% of the profits must be donated to a basic literacy or science education charity (though I think in the final version this will also allow a split between science/literacy charities and the EFF and/or OSHWA). Since a lot of folks are already using CC-BY-SA for open hardware, my hope is that this could be a drop-in replacement. I sent the draft to Alicia earlier this week to get OSHWA’s comments – I can send a copy your way if you’d like? I’m particularly interested in the charitable contribution percentage (10% net), and whether that’s a realistic number given typical margins. In the end the benefit in the form of charitable contributions are only as useful as the adoption rate of the license.

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