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  • hai., i have few problems that i would like to have advice from u guys. can anyone help me how to obtained the pulse/signal from the wind speed as i need the data so that i can convert it to a voltage,. i had discovered that the line cable indicates black - cable 1 colour for the ground and green colour -cable 4 is the output (correct me if I'm wrong). really appreciate your help.. tq

  • ok tq, i will let u know there any problem occur..

  • hai, i would like to ask, is it possible if i set the sample rate=1800 seconds? and is it possible the data will be loss if i run the program 24/7?because i had lost some data when the board in connected. thank you,.

  • i tried using hyperterm but still nothing happen. n i had tried the coolterm as your suggestion and it success. thanks for your guide.

  • im using hypertrm program..

  • yes, i had make sure both switch set to USB but still nothing happen.

  • i just recently able to see the live data. as for now, i would like to ask how i able to change the default behaviour of the board because when i sen a ctrl-z, nothing happen as i would like to change the units for temperature and wind speed.

  • thanks for the feedback. i had read on the datasheet and i also had connect the usb board to my laptop which is success. the problem i have now is how to run it and is there any specific software should i installed in order to run the board.this is because when i connect it to my laptop, there were nothing happen..and also what does it mean by ANSI-aware terminal program?

  • hai, i just bought this usb weather board and i have problem which i not be able to connect it with the weather board. anyone willing to help me to set up this thing especially on the programming? thanks

  • @mikerector: hai, can you help me to set the usb weather board with the software. I had installed the software but i have no idea how to play with it.thanks.

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