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  • Hey I have everything set up correctly, using those settings you listed in XCTU, and I have data transmitting fine. BUT I cannot for the life of me find DIO8 or DIO9. I have found nothing in all of Digi's guides/datasheets helpful. I looked at every dropdown menu in the config lists in XCTU, no dice, I cannot enable them as digital inputs... I found all the others, why are 8-9 missing?

  • the XCTU software does not list DIO8 or DIO9, how can I configure these as digital inputs?? I only see DIO0-DIO5 and DIO10-DIO12 on the config list. Then DIO6-DIO7 are hidden in a different list. I have checked every single config option, no DIO8 or DIO9 in sight.... Has anyone used a zigbee with all digital/analog inputs enabled?? Help!

  • Help! I'm configuring my ZigBee S2 (product family XB24-ZB, firmware 22A7) just fine, but DIO8 and DIO9 are missing from config list. I cannot find them anywhere. How do I configure these pins? The "I/O Settings" sections only lists DIO0-DIO5, then DIO10-DIO12. I found DIO6 & DIO7 in another list (Serial Intefacing), but it looks like DIO8 and DIO9 are completely unavailable? I've checked every drop-down item in the setup lists. Why even have them if I cannot configure them? Has anyone been able to use every digital pin of a ZigBee S2?

  • As for Arduino, it appears Due is the only board in existence that cannot use Software Serial due to a different architecture, just my luck.... Does anyone know anything about how to hook up bluetooth on a Due?

  • Has anyone had success connecting it to an Arduino Due or Parallax Propeller? I've setup the bluetooth with my laptop, COM ports make sense, and when I open the Propeller Serial Terminal and select the COM port the light goes green solid, indicating there is a connection, but after that nothing appears, I've tried it using the example programs made by GadgetGangster here: http://www.gadgetgangster.com/news/56-jeffs-shop/534-bluetooth-howto.html

    Hooked up an oscilloscope, nothing seems to be registering from the TX pin of the bluetooth module... plenty of activity in the RX pin though.... not sure what to make of it.

  • Has anyone else noticed their CLK pin being very sensitive? I might have fried something when I pulled the data plug with everything still on and running....

    1) Horizontal rows twitch out of place every now and again. The effect ranges in severity and responds strongly to any wiggling of the wires, especially the CLK wire.

    2) Even worse, the same code that produced individual colors on each pixel is now "double-wide" - as in if I choose one single pixel to light, it will light two horizontally. I have replaced every part of the system and nothing changes. Microcontroller has no effect, wires had no effect, 32x32 panel had no effect, all of my different codes that used to work now show double-wide images. This problem seems to have started about the same time I wired four of these boards in series, so I have to suspect that's part of the problem, but now each one individually prints double-wide, with half of it off-screen.... No idea what could be the matter...

    So, I either burnt something on all 5 of my 32x32's, on both my microcontrollers, or I changed my 7 previous versions of the code identically to cause this problem...

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