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  • How about a kit with the Beefy 3 FTDI board? It's great for powering 3.3V projects.

  • Is any further information or links to same available on how to use this and the other "Circuit Setup" boards?

  • What addressable LED type are these compatible with?

  • What is the physical size of this capacitor?

  • Information about which color corresponds to which signal would be very useful.

  • My favorite Yak Shaving example is from the teaser for an old "Malcolm in the Middle" episode. As Lois is leaving for work in the morning, she asks Hal to change a light bulb. He goes to open a drawer, but notices that it's not working right and picks up a screwdriver. Cut to Lois arriving home after dark. Hal is in the driveway hoisting the engine out of his car. She asks, "Did you change the light bulb?" "WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!?!" he shouts back.
    Story of my life.

  • BPCB Marketplace is a great idea, but am I missing where the text descriptions are?

  • Mr President, it's probably scratched because it started life as a general-purpose flash-based microcontroller (PIC, AVR, etc.). The SpeakJet people loaded it with their code, removed (scratched off) the chip's original markings, and put their own logo on it. Pretty common occurrence, if you can't afford the lot size it would take to get the base chips without markings on them.

  • Well, that sucks... I had hemmed and hawed and decided to go ahead and build a last-minute entry (you did say this was about rapid prototyping). I went to register on Friday morning and saw that it was "out of stock"; I figured I had waited too long and all the slots were filled! Too bad it was closed when it was, you might have gotten a few more last-minute entries. Oh well.

  • Will the thickness of the track surface be provided? You might also think about dividing the competitors into different classes, based on weight, weapons / no weapons, autonomous / rc, etc. I'd hate to see a little kid's lego creation sawed in half by something by guys who build meat-packing machines... Wait, what am I saying? See you there!

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