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  • Is the duty cycle of the reader implemented in this code? In Magic's Universal Reader Assistant it allows for ontime and offtime for a read duty cycle. This is important if you read at high levels of DB, higher levels the chip starts to heat up, by having a duty cycle of off and on the temperature can be controlled. In the API code it has asyncOffTime and asyncOnTime to control that. But I don't see that in the Arduino code.

    Any ideas on this?

  • thanks

  • Turns out they do have this in their library Find it in spark fun connectors, they have an 1X10 2mm smd version in the library.

  • Can you order this in tape reels?

  • Does anyone have Eagle library for this part?

  • In answering my own question.

    You could use the Arduino Stackable Header - 6 Pin, cut one of its pins, and use it between the Arduino and the FTDI Basic Breakout when you want data dumping.

    Still any other ideas would be helpful.

    Find the board at:

  • about the auto-reset.

    It works great in programming mode, makes it easier. But I was using the Arduino as a portable data logger and would come back to the PC to download the data using the USB. Using this board it auto resets and erases that data. One way around that is not connecting the RST pin.

    Any other way around that other than bending the pin? I still want to use the auto reset at times, I suppose for this project I could remove the pin on the arduino and use the onboard reset as needed.

    Any ideas?

  • Can Mega connect directly to an Xbee since it is a 5v and xbee is 3.3v?

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