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  • I want 10. When will the limit be removed?

  • APA102 are great to work with. Only problem I found is that they work on 5V so each meter consumes around 18W or 3.5A. if you want a long chain you must add a thick cable for the power as the strip itself can't carry so many amps without a large voltage drop. They should make these strips work on 24V or even 48V.

  • Why? APA102 is a much better chip. easier to control, faster communication, better in every feature and costs approximately the same (if not cheaper)

  • If I use this relay to turn on and off a window blind motor, what protection (for the relay) do I need?

  • In a video I saw some time ago on the RPi3 they talked on an 'optional (possible) hack' to connect an external antenna and thus extend the range of the WIFI. Anyone know or tried this?

  • It is nice.. but for the same price you can get a 80Mhz M4 (FPU), 2 buttons, LED, full JTAG through USB, development platform, GPIOs, SPI, I2C...

  • USB needs 5 connectors. Missing the shield should. It should be connected to the frame of the box/machine

  • Thanks allot, 40 strands of 0.08 is more than 30AWG, more like 28AWG. 1.4mm is quite thick for 40/0.08...

  • What type of stand is this? 0.08 or 0.05? How many strands ? 45/0.05? What is the outer diameter? Is it possible to purchase bulk reels of 100m ?

  • This is quite disappointing. How do you think people would use such a device with no memory and no flash storage for offline use? Would it be such a disaster to add 128Mbits of memory and 4MB flash ?? the cost would be so negligible but productivity would be much higher. I had no choice but get a different board, cheaper, More gates, both SRAM & flash, power protection, a couple of buttons and some more features..

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