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  • It is nice.. but for the same price you can get a 80Mhz M4 (FPU), 2 buttons, LED, full JTAG through USB, development platform, GPIOs, SPI, I2C…

  • USB needs 5 connectors. Missing the shield should. It should be connected to the frame of the box/machine

  • Thanks allot, 40 strands of 0.08 is more than 30AWG, more like 28AWG. 1.4mm is quite thick for 40/0.08…

  • What type of stand is this? 0.08 or 0.05? How many strands ? 45/0.05? What is the outer diameter? Is it possible to purchase bulk reels of 100m ?

  • This is quite disappointing. How do you think people would use such a device with no memory and no flash storage for offline use? Would it be such a disaster to add 128Mbits of memory and 4MB flash ?? the cost would be so negligible but productivity would be much higher. I had no choice but get a different board, cheaper, More gates, both SRAM & flash, power protection, a couple of buttons and some more features..

  • Production date? Production date is very important as components inside the paste wear-off after 6 months of PRODUCTION date (yes, not case opening date).

  • from my experience, these are EMI bombs. Make sure you don’t have any non-differential encoders or other sensitive parts in the system.

  • like narpat, I too want to use this for telemetry. Did you actually try what you wrote or is it theoretical. I also think it is bad configuration as two identical devices should generally RX/TX the same way.

  • I’m trying to drive a micro stepper with the driver and have a small problem. The recommended current for this motor is 0.1A and the voltage 12V. I went over the specs a noticed that he lowest current limit is 375mA. Is there a way to limit the current even more? thanks

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