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  • Glad to hear that the library will work in mono mode. ï will test it and report.

    To be precise, I want to use the random function to multiple outputs. That's why ï need to specify the output in the filename.

  • Hi, it seems that the Tsunami Serial Control Library for arduino only use the stereo firmware of the board. Any way to use mono outputs with serial commands ? Or with normal triggering, would it be possible to unlink the trigger and the outputs, and to set the outputs in the filename ? (Like you did in the Midi Note-on command method you described in the user guide) ? Thanks.

  • I just try to insert a stereo volume pot at the output of the wav trigger, but I face a hum. Any idea ?

  • It may not be THE solution, but it could be ok for what I want to do. Do you read french ? I would like to send you something about my project.

  • Yes ! It would be perfect for me. Is there also a way to get the length of a track ? And maybe also the index, i.e. track 1, track 2, ....? Thanks for your reply !

  • Hello Robert, I was wondering, is there a way to get informations about the files playing, like name, length...? I'd like to build an audio player with a display, and I was wondering if I can achieve it with your board. Thanks. Jérémy.

  • Hello,

    Try to find some informations about this product Breakout Board VS1000D, but it's very difficult.

    Seems Sparkfun have never provide some clear informations about this product.

    You can find some when googling, but it's very, very poor...

    on this page, there is 4 links for informations, 2 of them rely to the manufacturer website. The 2 others are schematics.

    On Sparkfun's forum there is only 2 posts related to this product : post 1 post 2

    In last one you can read

    See http://www.vlsi.fi -> support -> software -> vs1000d examples[/quote] !

    The only clear information come from...Watterott !

    3 years ago Stephan Watterott have posted a link to a dedicated software to update the firmware. here And it's simple.

    I assume that I am a really beginner in electronic and microcontrollers, but :

    • Is it normal that I can't find what's D0, D1, D2, D3, D4 means ? (I have some ideas)
    • On the posts on this page they talk about jumper 1, but it's not clear. What is the function of this jumper ?
    • 90% of posts talk about UART control, what about SPI?
    • Is it possible to have some SPI examples ?
    • Can't we have access to the original firmware ?
    • It seems that you have a special trick to do if you want to update the firmware several times. (But I can't find out where I've read it)

    3 years ago Jimbo wrote

    Hey Skye, You’re right, the posted programmer’s guide and the datasheet are both specific to the VS1000D chip itself. The VS1000 and the flash IC make up like 99% of the features of the board, so that documentation should have most of the information you’ll need. For simple use make sure you check out section 7.4 of the datasheet.

    OK, but you made a board for this chip, can't you provide informations for people who have bought the board ?

    Anyone from Sparkfun ?


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