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  • Thanks for pointing that out. I'm trying to use this with the Mega2560 and have done what you've suggested (bending the header pins on the mp3 shield and wiring them to the corresponding ports on the mega directly). I still get card init errors, where the same shield (with unbent pins) on an Uno board works fine.
    I wondered if I was supposed to change any port definitions in the library or something, but it looks like that is taken care of already based on a define statement for the board type. The Arduino software is set to Arduino Mega 2560, but I'm not convinced it's defining the pins correctly.
    Did you have to do anything else to make this work?

  • My WiFly is working great except for one thing: As long as my Arduino (UNO) is powered via USB, the WiFly powers up fine. However, if I use a DC power adapter, only the UNO powers up.
    I've checked the power pins at the WiFly under both situations with a voltmeter, and they read as follows:
    Powered vía USB:
    +5: 4.98
    +3.3: 3.34
    vin: 4.25
    Powered via 9v 1000ma DC power supply:
    +5: 4.3
    +3.3: 3.14
    vin: 8
    I've also tried this with two different Arduinos with the same result. Is this normal? I'd really like to be able to power my device with something other than a USB cable.
    Otherwise, everything is working great.
    Update: Oddly enough, I can also run the whole thing off of a 9v battery connected to the vin and gnd pins of the WiFly, so I suppose to can add a power jack straight to those. Seems odd that it doesn't work through the built-in jack of the Arduino, however.

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