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  • Yes and no. Mini is being replaced by micro because of where the spring is at. In the mini the spring is in the connector. Wear out the spring and you are replacing the connector. Good luck desoldering it and soldering in a new one. With mini the spring is in the cable. Wear out the spring and you are replacing a cheap cable you can buy at the dollar store.

  • Under a credit card? With those dimensions I can hide it under my thumb entirely. In one of the documents I have seen from Intel they show it being mounted into the Arduino adapter board and it is tiny. Speaking of which I don't see the full size arduino expansion boards listed yet. Are they coming later?

  • Based on the spec, yes. It is supposed to be able to resolve pressures from 0-14 bar. Standard atmosphere at sea level is ~1bar. Vacuum is 0.

  • Old post I know but since there is no answer I thought I would speak up. Per the manufacturer this module has: Certification: CE/ FCC/ GCF/ PTCRB.

    However it is important to note that for any commercil product you will still have to have your final product 3rd party tested as an intentional emmitter even if this module is already certified.

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