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  • I dont see anything wrong with her saying shes only doing design. She was. Its not like she was saying design is a less skilled part of the process. And contractors are almost never credited with their participation in a project, unless the producer specifically decides to do so. Thats just the way it is.

    The argument could be made that this is a kids book and not a how-to business management course, but I dont really buy that either to be honest.

    I think people are reading way too much into this whole thing.

  • I am so tired if these reactionary blog posts that don't do basic logical analysis, and instead are lead by emotion. I doubt that the majority of these people have worked in a collaborative software development environment.

    Fact is that it's unrealistic to expect I've person to be both a great designer as well as a great programmer, and the fact that the authors recognised this should be celebrated, as well as the collaboration she exhibited with her male peers. In fact, she showed great business sense by contracting people who had more experience than her in order to get a product completed.

    Why should any of this be vilified?