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  • Just as a further illustration to my previous question for other people thinking about doing this. A lot of times operators will point to minimal payload weights as a justification for not taking appropriate precautions to minimize risk. I.e. the rules do not apply to me because I'm so small.
    But if you look here:
    There is a section 101.7 which applies to any operation and states:
    ?101.7 Hazardous operations.
    (a) No person may operate any moored balloon, kite, unmanned rocket, or unmanned free balloon in a manner that creates a hazard to other persons, or their property.
    (b) No person operating any moored balloon, kite, unmanned rocket, or unmanned free balloon may allow an object to be dropped therefrom, if such action creates a hazard to other persons or their property.
    So I would caution against posting videos of free falling objects, and limit the risk of even having them (installing parachutes, etc).

  • So do you worry about equipment falling and damaging anything (or anyone)? Are there steps taken to mitigate that risk?

  • uh-oh, I see a Cease and Desist letter coming in your near future. You sell electronics, cars have electronics... the connection is obvious.

  • ^--- For those of you who want one that doesn't look like something that your significant other would enjoy too much

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  • I would like to second HP22UK's comment in saying that the datasheet was unclear as to which commands fall under the purview of 0x7C and which fall under 0xFE. It is implicitly stated at best, but should probably be spelled out in a table or expclictly stated leading up to the commands.
    It appears that 0x7C proceeds those commands used for setting up the unit (such as changing the screen dimensions 4 by 20 or 16 by 2 and so on), and 0xFE otherwise.
    It would also be nice to know some of the delays (especially startup). Sparkfun should keep in mind that those using this product are probably beginners who have never used an LCD and are coming off of the basic tutorials (like me!). The datasheet reads as if someone was very familiar with HD44780, but I bought this because I had a familiarity with serial comm vs. that standard to experiment with first.
    Anywho, recommendation: make the datasheet more explicit for newbies. In general, its a really nice display and easy to use after a very minimal learning curve.

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