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  • There was a comment about how Heathkit originally offered a price advantage over assembled products. My first experience with Heathkit was about 1963, when such an advantage did exist in a marginal way (whether that was due to the high cost of assmbly in the US or the manufacturers' penchant for profit margins isn’t obvious. However, by about 1977, the prices for Heathkits vs assembled electronics items was about the same. After that, the assembled became less. If you remember the explicit detail of the Heathkit construction materials and the way that the parts were bagged and labelled, it’s hardly a surprise, plus, not everyone was an engineer: Heathkit had to field calls from buyers who had mage mistakes and were clueless (expensive then, as it is now.) Long time gone. I have missed the Heathkit option for 20+ years.

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