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  • My students are driving me crazy waiting for the results of this contest..... One kid is even twitching a little.

  • I want to use some mecanum wheels that could support at least 200 pounds between four of them. I want to motorize my office chair to zoom around the class and for short rides to the school office to get my mail. The only problem is I can only find mecanum wheels for small robots or forklifts. Does anyone know of a middle ground on this?

    Sure I could do this with regular wheels, but everyone loves an overkill...

  • The hard copy of the SIK guide does not follow the same order as the web version above. For example circuit 3 is "spin Motor Spin" on the online web guide but in the hard copy version of the SIK guide it is "RGB LED". All of the same circuits are there but listed differently in the two different guides. This Might be confusing to the students who, I am hoping will use all of these resources. Is there a web based guide or a pdf version of the hard copy of the SIK guide that match the other resources?

    Also the kit does not come with the 3-pin headers or the 2-pin headers it shows and uses in the web guide. So I am thinking that the Inventor's kit is intended to be used with the sik guide and not the web version linked to in the description. Is that actually the case? Are there any other differnces between the SIK guide and the web guide?

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