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  • Product DEV-11013 | last year

    This is an AWESOME idea. It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to build using the VS1003 and Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v (as separate boards). Unfortunately, it’s too huge for what I need it for, but I’m glad to have your schematic so maybe I can make it smaller. This could make for some interesting ThinkGeek-like “instrument” t-shirts.

  • Product DEV-11114 | about a year ago

    One of my problems with this board is that the FTDI header is VCC instead of VRAW. Since VCC is 3.3v and FTDI is usually 5v, it leaves me always having to stick a wire in my FTDI cable’s VCC to connect it to VRAW instead of the ftdi header vcc on the board.

    Also, for some odd reason, twice my board has gone into infinite blink mode. I got it out once by following some instructions I found elsewhere that say to unplug the usb (ftdi cable), hold reset, and plug it back in, then upload and let go of reset when the TX starts. This worked once. Now a couple days later, my board is stuck in blink mode again and even this doesn’t work. Not only that but shortly after this happened, the ftdi cable I was using with it now no longer works. Anyone have any ideas how I can reset this thing?

  • Product DEV-09799 | about a year ago

    Ahh, nevermind, there were so many links on that page I couldn’t see the one pointing to the zip. I found it. Thanks!

  • Product DEV-09799 | about a year ago

    There’s no library zip on your site. Is this something commercial we need to buy?

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