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  • Just for anyone wanting to know (sharing my experience), I have been testing (and still looking) various Sunlight Readable Color Displays (EarthLCD,4D,Shelly Inc etc) none are really that good in Direct Sunlight (Sun facing the screen) but if you fit a little shade on top of the screen it makes a difference. You also need to use a white background color to help with the Sunlight, but the colors tend bleach out a little losing their color.

    If you want the ultimate in Day and Night display then either use a Character LCD (2 or 4 line LCD with Backlit) or if you want Graphics Display use something like 320x240 Graphic Monchrome display which is Outstanding in Direct Sunlight and Indoor (with a little backlight) conditions.

    If you are wanting to use in Sunlight the above brands are ok, but for direct sunlight use it can be difficult (except for the 2 devices I mentioned above).

  • I can see those those 7-Segment displays are going to be used in SparkFun's Pin Ball project.

  • Obviously we have a age difference here, which brings different opinions. The fact people having tattoos, piecing, weird hair etc. is not a problem for me I work with these type of people all the time and many of my friends are that nature.

    The mistake I made was I should not have used the word 'weido' about the guy who presented it.

    My comments where not made directly to/about the Sparkfun Community but you may not be mature enough to understand that, I commented on the presentation of the video.

  • If the guy had a Clown suit on or they made his hand look like some hairy monster, it would not matter as you would know (or think)it was done in humour, but a real hand made to looke like that seemed a bit different.... Sorry it could be just me but that was my original impression.

    I suppose enough said, lets get back to the product :-)

  • After seeing the pcDuino video I had to shake my head, you guys are professional outfit, it's not a nice display showing a male with nail polish. I don't know if this was done on purpose or the guy is just a weido but you should have chosen a lady's hand instead.

    Otherwise the pcDuino looks like a nice product.

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